Meet Us in Newark!

Phil Abramson, Esq., AICP/PP
Phil Abramson, Esq., AICP/PPFounder + CEO
Phil works to seamlessly blend planning, law and real estate development to lead comprehensive planning projects that integrate innovative tools and creative practices. Phil’s experience and passion for innovation has led Topology to offer clients advanced solutions and innovative, strategic advice. Here he is deep in the stacks where it all began–Rutgers University Newark!
Christopher Colley, AICP/PP
Christopher Colley, AICP/PPDirector, Urban Development
Chris seeks pragmatic solutions to creating more equitable and livable communities. Chris joined Topology after spending four years working for the City of Newark, where he developed extensive experience conceptualizing and implementing projects in difficult development areas, working strategically and creatively to overcome impediments like environmental contamination, unfavorable market conditions, and lack of conventional financing. He’s headed for All Points West from Broad Street Station!
Justin Cutroneo
Justin CutroneoPlanner, Land Use
Justin Cutroneo seeks to blend sustainable development with physical design to meet the goals of municipalities, developers, and residents as well as enhance the development process to be more efficient and instructive. Before joining the Topology team, Justin worked in the Planning Department in Old Bridge Township where he handled several technical reviews. Justin graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Science in Urban Planning & Design and previously studied European Architecture at John Cabot University in Rome. You can find Justin at the historic Hahne & Company building!
Annie Hindenlang, AICP/PP
Annie Hindenlang, AICP/PPDirector, Redevelopment
Annie approaches planning with a focus on quality of life and enjoys complex projects with many moving parts. Her wide range of knowledge and experience is complementary to almost any project and desired client outcome. Her passion for preserving and enhancing well-loved places ensures that projects are balanced in the economic, environmental and social benefits they provide.
William Kurzenberger, AICP
William Kurzenberger, AICPPlanner
William Kurzenberger has a breadth of experience with parks and open space development, city-wide public health initiatives as well as sustainability and resiliency projects. He enjoys cultivating and maintaining collaborative ventures between the public, for-profit, and non-profit entities. In his work, William has a special focus on working to unite the realms of urban planning and social welfare policy by keeping livability as a top priority in land use planning and design. Will is always looking for well-loved community spaces (and delicious finds!) throughout our neighborhood in the Ironbound!
Marc Lincer
Marc LincerPlanner
Marc’s planning experience includes land use application review, redevelopment planning, master planning and re-examinations, ordinance best practice research, and Green Acres diversion pre-applications. He is most passionate about creating thriving communities through effective land use strategies. Marc likes to bike over to Washington Park to check out the nearby historic architecture including the newly renovated Walker House and Audible’s Innovation Cathedral!
Benjamin Nechmad
Benjamin NechmadPlanner
Ben is a recent graduate of the Bloustein School at Rutgers University with a Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning. Beginning his career with the Topology team, Ben hopes to gain a diverse set of experiences in the planning field. He is especially passionate about urban design and redevelopment with a particular interest in urban farming and sustainable greenspace development. You can find Ben at Sihana Cafe in the Ironbound enjoying a cup of black coffee with maple syrup!
Alisha Park
Alisha ParkBusiness Operations Manager
Alisha recently graduated from Rutgers Business School after completing her Master’s degree in Business with a specialization in Finance and has previous experience with operations and budgets. She is passionate about integrating sustainability and business. When the sun is shining, Alisha likes to head downtown for lunch in Military Park–if you miss her, you can always stop by Newark’s Visitor Center on Park Place for local tips!
Greer Patras, AICP/PP
Greer Patras, AICP/PPDirector, Land Use
Greer Reinalda Patras specializes in combining physical design with community development, mediating the seemingly-conflicting goals of Boards, developers, and residents, to develop plans that simultaneously protect the character of the community and encourage economic development. Stop by New Jersey’s biggest museum and Newark’s best kept secret to learn more about the character of this historic City! Come find inspiration + fun for everyone at the Newark Museum!
Haydee Puell
Haydee PuellOffice Manager
Our very own Wonder Woman–Haydee does it all! Her extensive background in administration and operations help us orchestrate our diverse teams and clients. Her career in academia has prepared her well to deal with our young and young-at-heart staff. When’s she’s not hard at work she’s training in kickboxing or risking her life with CrossFit. For a rare moment, Haydee is taking a break among the Sticks at the ever-expanding Newark Riverfront Park: a great place to be active or inactive almost any day.
Golda Speyer, AICP/PP
Golda Speyer, AICP/PPOperations Director, Land Use
Golda’s background in municipal planning, project management and affordable housing provides her with the expertise to ground complex projects with effective designs to meet multiple bottom lines. She is Topology’s in-house regulatory expert with a proven track record for statutory compliance. There’s so much more than Devil games at the Prudential Center–just don’t tell Golda! Come for a show, stay for dinner at one of the many downtown spots.