Our mission is to unlock potential in places you love. We work with clients who are hungry for change and a fresh approach to planning and development.  As your dedicated partner, we will identify realistic opportunities, develop bold, thoughtful strategies, and tenaciously manage projects from concept to construction.







What we do...

Topology is organized into three practice areas with specialized teams to achieve your goals.

1. Strategic Planning

Director:  Annie Hindenlang

Our strategic planning and policy group focuses on large-scale endeavors with mindful impact. 


Master Plans

Shapes visions and strategies to deliver long-term community benefits

Housing & community development planning

Provides comprehensive policy solutions to advance quality of life

Community Engagement

Gathers public and stakeholder input to create a considerate, consensus-built vision

2. Real Estate & Redevelopment

Director:  Annie Hindenlang

Our real estate and redevelopment team works with the public and private sectors to guide investment in communities to meet local goals and objectives.  


Redevelopment Plans

Reimagines development principles to creatively address changing community needs and market trends

Pre-Development Strategy

Manages team procurement, underwriting, urban design, remediation, project planning, and regulatory approvals to effectively maneuver the development process

Design Management

Leverages private investment, public financing and grant resources to resolve community concerns and create innovative public benefits. We mobilize public-private partnerships to make great neighborhoods.

3. Land Use Planning

Principal Planner: Chris Kok

Provides technical planning and project management expertise to meet regulations and municipal direction in all areas of land use practice


Zoning & Regulatory Policy

Refines regulatory language to codify local objectives and inform sound decision-making in Planning and Zoning board application review


Aligns land use laws and policies with community goals and visions to create perfect proposals

Geospatial Analysis

Provides site specific information to visually interpret key insights and solutions for complex municipal systems



How we work...

We like to solve problems that stand in the way of progress. We seek clients with whom we share common goals and who have the capacity for great leadership. As an entreprenurial firm, we emphasize flexibility in the way we structure our client engagements and always seek simple, pragmatic solutions.

Summit Master Plan Re-Vision Engagement Session. May 2016.


Topology's Dynamic Planning Model

Our four step process keeps project teams organized, encourage open communication, and efficiently identify innovative solutions


Ask questions, understand needs, and establish goals to define the problem.


Define challenges, identify value-added opportunities, and define project parameters to discover possible solutions.


Craft and evaluate alternative solutions. Repeat as necessary to design comprehensive, considerate plans and projects.


Refine preferred alternative into a feasible solution and implement!




The Results...

With great plans, courageous leaders and smart investors, we have helped build amazing places.  Here are a few.