Turning former industrial sites into high-quality housing, a new plaza, and an attractive gateway into one of NJ’s finest downtowns

As part of it’s affordable housing settlement, Westfield rezoned 5.5 acres of former industrial land on South Avenue for mixed-use and multi-family development. Topology was brought in by the Town to build off this zoning and create a redevelopment plan that, in addition to providing the sorely needed affordable housing units, also created an attractive gateway into the community.

We worked with the Town and Redeveloper to make major modifications to the project design to maximize the community value of the project. This included an architectural overhaul, informed by a Topology designed poll of stakeholders. Perhaps most significantly, the redesigned project took a piece of the site that was initially conceived as a surface parking lot and reimagined it as a neighborhood plaza. The refined project concept was codified via Topology’s South Avenue Redevelopment Plan and a subsequent Redevelopment Agreement.


Redevelopment Plan

Redevelopment Agreement


Redevelopment Planner

Project Partners

Town of Westfield

Greenbaum Rowe Smith & Davis LLP, Redevelopment Counsel

Elite Properties, Redeveloper

John Saracco, Architect

Land Identity, Landscape Architect

Stonefield Engineering, Project Engineer

Public Benefits

Public plaza on former mechanic’s shop

32 affordable units

$380,000 contribution to Town’s Park Improvement Fund


193 units across three buildings

17,000 SF of retail space

Public plaza

Status – Under Construction

Redevelopment Plan Adopted: February 2021
Redevelopment Agreement Adopted: May 2021
Phase 1 Site Plan Approval: September 2021
Phase 2 Site Plan Approval: July 2023

Phase 1 Construction: Underway
Phase 2 Construction: Anticipated Summer 2024