Winner of a 2022 Smart Growth Award: A state-of-the-art mixed-use development

Taylor Vose, located within the heart of Downtown South Orange, is a new five-story mixed-use building along South Orange Avenue, Vose Avenue, and Taylor Place. This redevelopment includes 111 new residential units with close access to the train station. Additionally, the project includes affordable housing, retail and office space, streetscape improvements, and a parking garage. Taylor Vose came to be as a result of the Vose + Taylor Redevelopment Plan. The project provides high quality development and pedestrian improvements within a walkable downtown and was a recipient of a 2022 Smart Growth Award from New Jersey Future.

Awards & Accolades

2022 New Jersey Future Smart Growth Award




Redevelopment Planner, Municipal Planner, Planning Board Planner, and Zoning Officer

Project Partners

Hub Realty Associates LLC, Developer
Arterial, Project Landscape Architect
Marchetto Higgins Stieve, Project Architect
Petry Engineering, LLC, Project Engineer
McManimon, Scotland & Baumann, LLC, Redevelopment Counsel

Public Benefits

11 on-site affordable housing units

Pedestrian alleyway improvements

Public parking garage

Sidewalk/Streetscape improvements

Community Co-Retail Space


5-story, 111-unit mixed-use development with ground floor retail space, residential amenity space, office space, and on-site parking


Completed Fall 2022