Where to start…when you don’t know where to start.

For years, the Borough of Elmwood Park has envisioned Broadway and Market Street, two if its primary commercial corridors, as active and engaging streets that provide amenities and services to their residents. Despite these aspirations, these corridors have long left Borough officials and residents wanting more. 

Elmwood Park hired Topology to take a deep dive into conditions along both corridors. What opportunities existed? What properties were likely to attract investment? What were the major hurdles impeding improvements? 

In order to address these questions, Topology completing a detailed analysis of each corridor, including a parcel-by-parcel assessment, conceptual site planning work, and financial analyses or potential development options. At each step, Topology took great care to ensure that solutions were pragmatic, contextually sensitive, and financially feasible. The capstone documents provided the Strategic Reinvestment Blueprint, condensed Topology’s findings into a single document for the Borough to use to implement recommended changes in a pragmatic and incremental manner. 

After completing the Strategic Reinvestment Blueprint, the Borough retained Topology to serve as Borough Planner. In this role, Topology has helped the Borough begin to implement the recommendations, including the creation of a Borough-wide area in need of rehabilitation in 2019 and the adoption of the Market Street Redevelopment Plan in late 2020.  


Strategic Planning


Development Consultant

Project Partners

Borough of Elmwood Park 

Common Ground Design, Urban Designer 

Public Benefits

Economic development

Market-based redevelopment solutions


Strategic planning for two commercial corridors

Status – Complete

Strategic Reinvestment Blueprint: May 2019 

Redevelopment Plan: Adopted October 2020