Roselle Park strove for the opportunity to capitalize on its transit assets to revitalize its downtown and provide new opportunities for residents through designation as a Transit Village.

Roselle Park’s Transit Village Vision Plan came as the result of a proactive and community-centric planning process. The insights gained provided a thorough understanding of preferred uses for open space, the most desirable businesses to try and attract, and the appropriate look and feel of the Borough’s streets and built environment.  

The transit village planning process perfectly complemented many key initiatives being undertaken by community leaders including Sustainable Jersey efforts, downtown revitalization investments, and work to update elements of the municipal zoning ordinances. Given the significant scheduled infrastructure investments by the State and County such as the repaving of Westfield Avenue, replacement of the Gordon Street Bridge, and planned train station improvements, the timing of this designation effort could not have been more appropriate. We are confident that these efforts will improve quality of life, stabilize tax rates. and support and encourage continued private investment into the community for years to come.

With this plan, the Borough takes charge of its destiny by creating a collaborative road map for right-sized development that incorporates the values of a community with the realities of the financial and development markets.  


Strategic Plan

Project Team:

The people and stakeholders of Roselle Park

Public Benefits:

Transit oriented re-zoning recommendations 

A bicycle travel network plan   

Pedestrian safety improvements

Arts and placemaking strategies

Status: Completed

Implementation: Ongoing