Making space for an industrial tribute.

This project transformed 1.8 acres of contaminated land into an attractive and accessible gateway to the City with a historically referential design and improvements to the area’s transportation infrastructure. The Project includes the construction of a four-story self-storage facility comprising over 93,000 SF visible from the Outerbridge Crossing into Staten Island. Topology was instrumental in both site and building design to ensure its appeal, appropriateness, and sustainability. 


Brownfield Redevelopment 


Redevelopment Agency Executive Director + Redevelopment Planners

Project Partners

The Hampshire Companies – Developer  

Maraziti Falcon – Redevelopment Counsel  

MASER Consulting – Redevelopment Engineer  

Public Benefits

Improved city gateway


New ratables


93,000 square feet, 656-unit self-storage facility.


$20 million

Status – Completed