Award-winning creative placemaking plan to support the City’s diverse arts and cultural scene, train local leaders in the arts community, and develop an action plan to spur economic development.

During her time as the Planning Director for the City of Perth Amboy, Topology team member, Annie Hindenlang, oversaw the creation of an economic growth strategy.  After revealing a significant and untapped arts, cultural, and historical scene, Annie partnered with a local non-profit, the Jewish Renaissance Foundation, and applied for a National Endowment for the Arts Our Town planning grant to better understand this opportunity and create an action plan.  Working with Leo Vasquez from the National Consortium for Creative Placemaking, the City created a “Creative Team” who served as a steering committee for the process. Annie worked with leaders of the Creative Team to use a variety of outreach and data collection methods to synthesize and prioritize these efforts into an implementation plan.

Since its adoption, many of the short-term tasks–such as an annual arts festival and new public art have been implemented, while longer term strategies–rezoning for an arts district, are well underway.

In 2016, the Creative Perth Amboy plan was awarded the New Jersey American Planning Association’s Outstanding Plan Award – Municipal.

Key Insight: The best plans involve a wide breadth of expertise, local support, and a planner capable of maintaining the overall vision to bring diverse interests together into an effective, actionable document.


Arts + Cultural Plan


Perth Amboy, NJ

Project Team:

Wilda Diaz, Mayor

Lisa Nanton, Council President

Annie Hindenlang, Planning Director

Kenneth Ortiz, Recreation Director

Perth Amboy Creative Team

Perth Amboy Arts Council

Jewish Renaissance Foundation

Leo Vasquez, National Consortium for Creative Placemaking


Open Mic Night


Walking Tours

Online Asset Mapping

Community Events

Steering Committee Coaching


Community Driven, Asset Based, Creative Placemaking


Approved November 2016

Implementation Ongoing