The newest addition to life in historic Morristown.

In 2014, Topology was tasked with amendments to the last phase of the Epstein’s Redevelopment Plan in order to make way for what would ultimately become Metropolitan Lofts. The plan, originally adopted in 2005, envisioned a loft style condominium building on the 0.5 acre parcel. When the amendment process began, several structures had already been completed – including hundreds of multi-family units, retail storefronts, and a LEED platinum office building.

At the outset, the community sought an updated design that maintained a loft theme, but was differentiated from prior redevelopment phases, all while integrating with nearby Victorian architecture. Topology and architects at Marchetto Higgins Stieve ultimately landed on a iron style design, clad in zinc panels. The building, now constructed, went onto win the New Jersey AIA design award in 2018.


Redevelopment Plan


Municipal Planner

Project Partners

Municipal Team

Inglesino, Webster, Wyciskala & Taylor LLC – Morristown Redevelopment Counsel

Alaimo Group, Morristown Redevelopment Engineer

Development Team

Roseland Property Company / Woodmont Properties, Developer

Marchetto Higgins Stieve, Project Architect

Arterial, LLC, Landscape Architect

Bowman, Site Engineer

Public Benefits

New Streetscape
3 Affordable Housing Units
Innovative Zinc Façade
Completion of Epstein’s Redevelopment


59 residential units with 3,500 SF of retail space


Completed 2018