Building a beautiful future from creative assets.

Lincoln Park is striving to be the premier arts and cultural district in New Jersey.  The neighborhood, located in the heart of New Jersey’s largest city and surrounding one of the three original colonial-era ‘commons,’ is home to dozens of artists, arts organizations, and creatives as well as many long-time residents, new immigrants, and vital community organizations and services used by residents and visitors alike. Topology worked to prepare a strategic plan for the neighborhood that will capitalize on its assets and social capital to emerge as a vibrant and eminently livable community.  

Lincoln Park’s residents, stakeholders, Community Asset Preservation Corporation (CAPC), and Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District (LPCCD) successfully secured funding from the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation’s planning grant to evaluate needs, establish goals, and ultimately develop a 10-year plan for the future of the Lincoln Park Neighborhood. The resulting plan drafted with Topology’s guidance after extensive community engagement and planning creates a framework for increasing the production of affordable and market-rate housing, fostering entrepreneurship and supporting neighborhood businesses, empowering residents, and creating a healthier, more active, and better-connected neighborhood.   


Neighborhood Strategic Plan


Newark, NJ

Project Team:

Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District –  Client  

New Jersey Community Capital – Client 

Public Benefits:

Thoughtful recommendations to support public health

Pedestrian access and circulation improvements

Improved public realm

Infrastructure upgrades with safer roads and sidewalks

Uses that enhance livability and convenience for visitors and residents.

Status: Completed

Implementation: Ongoing