Crafting a strategy to enhance neighborhoods, open spaces, and economic competitiveness.  

The Borough of Elmwood Park’s Master Plan Re-Examination Report came as the result of a proactive and community-centric planning process. Such guidance proved invaluable in the Borough’s efforts to improve their open spaces, foster thriving commercial districts, and provide quality housing for residents. The Master Plan process complements many key initiatives already being undertaken by the Borough including downtown revitalization along Market Street and work to enhance the Borough’s waterfront as a premier recreational asset.

We’re confident that this Re-Examination puts the Borough on strong footing to spring boldly into the future and create a roadmap for right-sized development that incorporates the values of the community with well-informed analysis and data.


Master Plan Re-Examination


Planning Consultant

Project Team

Borough of Elmwood Park


Online Engagement Survey  

Public Planning Board Working Session 


Community Driven Goal Prioritization


Adopted: November 2020