A steel plant turned distribution center with open space? They said it couldn’t be done. We got it done.   

The Elm Street Logistics Center sits on what was 90 acres of highly contaminated property. The former steel plant now houses a million square feet of innovative warehousing and distribution space for Home Depot$100 million private investment into the City. 

From the outset, it was important to the City that this former brownfield be reintegrated into the community and open the waterfront that had been inaccessible for over 100 years to residents. As a result, the final project has over a mile in new public greenways, 9 acres of open space, a state of the art amphitheater, and a new satellite office for the City’s Department of Recreation. This project is a model for how today’s industrial users can be a part of the community they’re located in and not isolated on the outskirts. This project is one block from the City’s downtown (and its amazing array of restaurants and shops) and the NJ Transit train station.

Serving as the redevelopment planner for the Perth Amboy Redevelopment Agency, Topology was able to ensure this project had minimal impacts on the community, created unforeseen benefits for the end user and community alike, all while keeping a tight timeline to secure Home Depot’s first operation of this type in the state. 

Insight: With efficient, focused project management and strong leadership from city administration, even the most difficult sites can be repurposed through effective public-private partnerships.




Redevelopment Agency Executive Director + Redevelopment Planners

Project Team

Wilda Diaz, Former Mayor 

Perth Amboy Redevelopment Agency 

Joseph Maraziti, Redevelopment Agency Counsel 

Tom Herits, Redevelopment Agency Engineer 

Stock Development Group, Inc., Land Developer

Catalyst Development Partners, Land Developer

Elm Street DevelopersLand Developer 

Northlight Capital Partners, Land Developer

Duke Realty, Vertical Developer 

Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc.

Public Benefits

400 – 600 jobs

New Public Spaces

Reconnected Street Grids

Improved Waterfront Access


1.25 million square feet of warehousing and distribution 


$180 million

Status – Constructed

Completed: December 2020

Tenant: Home Depot