Friendship and Progress.

One of the crowning jewels of Union County, Cranford is where small town qualities intersect with characteristics of urban living.  Cranford is one of the rare communities that have created the perfect mix of typical suburban assets with a vibrant cultural scene, bustling downtown and unparalleled transportation access. For the suburbanite, Cranford offers larger residential properties, a phenomenal school district and a sense of community. For those needing more than a small-town experience, Cranford boasts a downtown with retail space, national chains, locally-owned shops and diverse eateries. Appealing for almost every type of resident—compromise is not necessary in Cranford.

Since 1871, Cranford has earned an impressive number of accolades. Cranford’s downtown has been recognized as the best in the State for the past two years in surveys done by The Star-Ledger. Furthermore, the Town was named 34th in New Jersey Monthly’s list of the best places to live. These, along with the Township’s ongoing successful development in the transit district and Centennial Avenue demonstrates that Cranford’s administration, government, residents and business organizations have certainly made the constant improvement of Cranford a priority. 


Zoning Board Planner


Cranford, NJ


2020 – Present

Notable Zoning Board Applications:

  • (#21-004) 370 North Avenue East  
  • (#20-007) 104 South Avenue East  
  • (#21-010) 245-249 North Avenue West