A former smelting facility with significant contamination transformed into an economic driver and world-class distribution facility through effective leadership and a strong public-private partnership.

This 150-acre brownfield at the foot of the Outerbridge Crossing sat unimproved and contaminated for 30 years with no strong precedence for how best to remediate and reuse the property. It wasn’t until Viridian Partners, LCC and Goldman Sachs partnered with the City in 2012, that a progressive remedial plan was developed and enacted. Between 2013 and 2016, Phase I of the project prepared the land for reuse as 1.1 million square feet of warehousing and distribution. In 2016, the redevelopment agency oversaw the transition of the property to Bridge Development Partners, LLC for vertical construction, and Phase II of the project in partnership with Environmental Liability Transfer, LLC.

Phase I is expected to create between 1,000 to 1,500 jobs, bring in $180 million worth of investment into the city, and increase the property’s value by $20 million. Phase II will add an additional $100 million of investment and another 400 to 600 jobs. As of 2023, Phase 1 has become a Target Flow Center” employing hundreds of City residents throughout its 5 years of operation. Phase II has begun construction and is well on its way to securing tenants, bringing even more employment opportunities to the City. This Phase, known as Bridgeport II was also recognized by the New Jersey Planning Officials as an outstanding achievement in redevelopment planning.

Insight: With efficient, focused project management and strong leadership from city administration, even the most difficult sites can be repurposed through effective public-private partnerships.

Awards & Accolades

2023 NJPO Achievements in Planning




Redevelopment Agency Executive Director + City Planner

Project Team

Wilda Diaz, Mayor

Perth Amboy Redevelopment Agency

Maraziti Falcon, Redevelopment Agency Counsel

Tom Herits, Redevelopment Agency Engineer

Viridian Partners, Land Developer

Bridge Industrial, Vertical Developer

Menlo Engineering Associates, Redeveloper Engineering and Design + Permitting Administration

Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc.

Public Benefits

600 – 1,000 jobs

$4m – $8m in ratables

New Water, Sewer, and Road Infrastructure


2.3 million square feet of warehousing and distribution


$280 Million


Phase I: Completed Fall 2017

Phase II: Completed Spring 2023

Construction: Ongoing