Small Town. Big Heart.

Boonton is one of Morris County’s most vibrant and naturally beautiful communities. Boonton’s active downtown and scenic open spaces such as Grace Lord Park are highly valued by residents and visitors alike.  Through our work, Topology helps the Planning Board balance desires for growth, historic preservation, economic development, and open space. We assist the Town through all steps of the Site Plan approval process, reviewing applications for completeness; providing commentary, analysis, and expert testimony to assist in Board deliberations, and performing resolution compliance reviews for approved applications.


Joint Land Use Board Planner


Boonton, NJ


2021 – Present

Notable Applications:

Application 2021-10: 424 Vreeland  

  • Application to develop a “55 and over” residential community cluster with 17 homes, on a lot that was previously single family and in a zone where such development is not permitted.
  • Required both C and D variance relief.
  • Application involves steep slopes and is located adjacent to a portion of the Rockaway river.

Application 2022-04: 1017 Main Street 

  • Application to convert the second floor of an existing three-story, mixed-use building into one-bedroom residential dwelling unit.
  • Required both C and D variance relief.
  • Historic analysis was performed by Topology utilizing Sanborn maps to determine the Site’s history of use dating back to the 19th Century.

Application 2022-02: 204 Church Street  

  • Application to convert a medical office located on the ground floor of an existing apartment building into a three -bedroom residential dwelling unit.
  • Required a use variance despite the proposal resulting in further conformance with the character of the rest of the site + neighborhood.

Application 2022-01: 215 Liberty Street 

  • Application for minor subdivision approval to divide an oversized lot into two separate lots and construct two single family houses, one on each lot.
  • Required minor subdivision approval and C variance relief.